The Art Show

lymediseaseshow1lemonaidewithatwistoflymeOn Saturday April 8th, 2017 I held my first solo art exhibit “50 Yarns of Lyme – The Lyme Dis-Ease Series” in my hometown.  I was blown away with the response and grateful to everyone who came and/or sent their best wishes.  The turnout, comments and reaction was a lot more intense than I had expected.  As I told the newspaper when you see the tears and the recognition on people’s faces and they tell you their stories and how they related to your work you have received the best compliment an artist can get.  It helps to know that all the years ‘working’ at your art and that the risk you took by putting your work out there has been worthwhile.  These 50 pieces of fibre art were originally completed not for exhibition purposes at all.  I made them as my therapy and had no intention of showing them to anyone.  After being encouraged by fellow artists I determined that while they are not competition pieces these pieces did actually have stories to tell.  The main reason that I had the showing was to illustrate the value that art plays in the healing process.  I wanted to show that art can and will help you heal.  Not only because it relaxes you, giving the treatments the best chance to work and your body to heal physically but also,  because it can on a more internal level bring healing to your soul.  In the coming days I plan to get the pieces photographed and begin the process of preserving the stories as best I can.  For today I will post a few pictures of the day and must carry on with my family duties.  I need to put my cake decorator apron on and decorate some cakes for an engagement party this weekend.  It takes me a  lot more time (and effort) to decorate than my pre-Lyme days but I’m going to keep working on it – not that I will ever do it professionally (i.e. for money) again but I really want to see how many of those skills I can recover as well.  Then when it stops freezing at night (and day!) I will be enjoying the sun on my back in my gardens and orchard.  Happy Spring everyone.

The following is a picture of my family at the show with my triptych “Days, Weeks, Months” in the background. We are covering up the web and slug.  More photographs to come one day….

april8 2017

2 thoughts on “The Art Show”

  1. I’m not surprised by the response. You are an incredible artist with an important message. Well done. Can’t wait to hear more about it when I see you next. Congratulations again!

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