Almost Ready~.~.~.

I am nearly ready for my art show “50 Yarns of Lyme – The Lyme Dis-Ease Series” .

This collection will feature 50 different fibre art pieces portraying my journey with Lyme Disease.  I hope to show the value of creating art in the healing process.  Traditional quilts, contemporary art quilts, 3D fibre pieces, abstract and mixed medial pieces will all be represented at the show.

I have just “hung” a piece called “A Shadow of My former Self”  This two sided whole cloth quilt hangs from a 7 foot hangman frame and represents the depth of destruction that Lyme wages on its victims leaving them just a shadow of their former selves.  The morgue-like toe tags are pretty on one side because some Lyme patients “look fine” but the reverse outlines the destruction the disease assaults on your body.

Everyone is invited to join me on Saturday April 8th at St. Alban’s Parish Hall – 703 Ellice Street Moosomin, Sk. to see my work.  The viewing times are from 11 AM to 5 PM.  There is no charge for admission.




4 thoughts on “Almost Ready~.~.~.”

  1. Congrats. I was hoping to see your show in person but that may not happen. Life keeps interfering.
    Hopefully you can bring a few of the pieces to Art Campus. Please please. 😻

  2. Thank you. Are you coming week2? Sure hope so! I can bring some thinking I would at least bring my slug! Lol,,, it’s one of a triptych now. Actually, I was thinking of suggesting that we all bring more than one piece. I was so blown away with everyone else’s art. I could have had show and share every night and enjoyed every minute. What are you working on now? Soon I will have to get at my greenhouse and garden. Planting starts the day after my show when the moon is right if all goes well. My parents have been unwell and I spend mornings there everyday and twice a week afternoons at appointments or taking to town for groceries etc. I’m lucky to still have my Dad at 87 this year and Mom 82. Take care and thanks for your encouragement. Be well

    1. Yes I will be there with bells on. I’m trying to get some pieces ready for the guild quilt show in October. Many ideas but less time.

  3. Those of us who know you had no doubt that your show would be a roaring success. I am so very pleased for you and looking forward to seeing everyone in August.

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