Getting ready for my April Art show

Well, it’s been a while since I posted but my time has been limited as I continue to spend time with my parents.  My Mom had a fall and has been dealing with a serious concussion and this has not helped my Dad’s condition but the sun is shining and things are improving so I’m back to the computer getting artists statements ready.  I’ve now completed 41 art pieces for my show on Saturday the 8th of April in Moosomin.  Canadian Quilters Association and Quilter’s Connection have listed it their upcoming events.

The metal frames for the 26 quilts in the “Lemon-Aide with a Twist of Lyme” series are finished and they are perfect!  I am still working on three more quilts.  I have given myself till the end of the month to create and then I have to STOP and do the paper work.  There is much work to be done with that if I am going to have the artist’s statements and the ‘about this quilt’ done.  I usually put the quilt labels on with the binding but because I will have so many to do I am going to do those I haven’t done all at one time.

I’m struggling with a canvas piece that I want to use for a Spirochetes and Ladders game.  (Spirochetes are the Lyme bacteria that invade every cell in your body)  It just doesn’t want to cooperate.  I’m going to have to accept that it won’t be straight as an arrow and go for that look! or toss the idea????  I have also been stalled with how to attach the toe-tags to my Skelton piece.  I challenged myself on this one using a textured poly for the backing but it did achieve the look I was after.  I intended to use copper wire for the toe tags but it doesn’t work with the elegant textured polyester so I may need to dig into the silk ribbons.  As if you would find them in the morgue!  LOL…


2 thoughts on “Getting ready for my April Art show”

  1. Hi Susan. Wow! You have been busy. I’m putting that date on my calendar. Hope I can make it to see the show. Haven’t seen the pieces, but have you thought of twine or rafia to do the toe tags? I really want to see this show. Carol

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