Fallin in love with fall leaves…

I’m back in my quilt room and playing with some techniques I picked up from the beautiful artists that I attended Art Quilt Campus under the direction of the amazing Anna Hergert this summer.  (  see her here:  https://annahergert.me/about/)

I gathered up some leaves from my yard and drew their outline on felt.  The kind you can get at a dollar store or Walmart.


Then I stitched the outline and veins on like this:


Next they were cut out and I burnt worm holes in them with my Hot marks gun



I turned a hotgun onto the edges to melt back them back to the stitching.  Using a fork I held the leaf in the air and applied the hotgun to it.  This made the leaves curl just like they do when drying in the fall.  Below you can see them pinned to my design wall.  I’m working on a “slug” quilt for my Lyme Dis Ease series and will use the pale ones in that.  Watch for that soon (I hope) and the brighter ones are going to be used in a quilt that is still in my imagination.  I think this technique is perfectly suited to making realistic leaves.  I will post an update on how well they attach to my project.

Of course I used my protective mask and suggest you do the same.  It smells bad but on a bright note I feel good that this felt is made from recycled plastic bottles so I’m recycling right?  LOL…



Mixed Media Artist or just scattered ?

So I have tagged myself as a mixed media artist.  This means that I work in several mediums.  My real love is fibre art but I float back and forth in other mediums as well.  It works well because then I can justify buying “tools” and supplies.  I often use a tool I’ve purchased for one form of my art in another form.  Most of the time I find this works well.

With the planting of over 700 garlic bulbs this past weekend the gardening, harvesting and preserving has almost come to an end for this year.  I also, covered all my precious herbs and fruit trees with a soft warm layer of straw for the winter.  The rain fairies smiled upon me and scattered a welcome 1/2″ of rain on top of my hard work to ensure the garlic was taken care of and that the straw didn’t blow away.

Since the launch of my first Gingerbread book the first of October I have been busy with the 2nd book in the series.  My kitchen has been enveloped in the smells of warm gingerbread and the floor has bore its share of sticky candies and rock solid royal icing.

When I had finished drafting the blueprints for the Christmas cottage I went to work baking the gingerbread and building the structure.  There were a few modifications required to the final design (Of course) but it went fairly smoothly and I enjoyed the decorating.  It was great to be relearning techniques that I had lost to Lyme disease.  I am a long way from where I was when I created the massive carousel in gingerbread complete with gingerbread reindeer and extensive cornelli lace work!~  But I am also a long way from where I was three years ago when Lyme had robbed me of my ability to even turn a doorknob, and for this I am gratefulgingerbread-carousel I didn’t even have a digital camera in 2002 when I was making gingerbread but I still have this photograph of that gingerbread structure albeit it a very poor photograph.

So here is my first photographs of the gingerbread house that will be in my second book. (hopefully, to be uploaded to Kindle in the next week or so.)


and the back features fondant: Is that chimney adorable or what?


and here’s a look at the two side views.

My creative brain has been spinning with ideas for my next fibre art and I am looking forward to getting into my sewing room but first I must get back to the least favorite part of publishing a book the editing!  and the editing and the editing…

Until then take care and enjoy your art.





Its been a busy summer with the garden and also, I was working on my first book.  As of October 1st, my book How to Make A Halloween House in Gingerbread was up on Amazon Kindle Edition worldwide!  Here’s a peak at the gingerbread house I used in the photo shoots.susan-jaenen-griffin-halloween-gingerbread

and the link to the book is https://www.amazon.ca/Make-Halloween-House-Gingerbread-Weekend-ebook/dp/B01LXEO5EC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475619675&sr=8-1&keywords=how+to+make+a+halloween+house+in+gingerbread

I am a multi-media artist and swing back and forth from culinary art to fibre art to the other art that takes my attention! LOL …

Anyway, now that the book is finished (Book 2 in the series will be a Christmas Cottage but I need to wait for the Christmas Candies to hit the shelves) and the garden almost finished I plan to get back to my quilting. I canned, preserved, dried and froze a lot of garden produce for the long cold winter that awaits us.  I also saved my own seeds again and will be planting my garlic in the next couple of weeks!

Next post I will share my latest quilting thoughts with you.  The main purpose of the book writing was to get ready for my book on quilting and healing.  I plan to have that one ready for my art show which is to happen in April of 2017.  I have a lot of quilts to finish to make that date as well as all things that go with planning a show.  Every time I think I have enough done and can start working on finishing them and writing the artists statements etc. I come up with another quilt idea.